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"I had the privilege of attending another illuminating and fun session on parenting by Coach Hall. ... it practically gives us the master key to unlock the mysteries of the human mind in the various stages of development, helping us understand kids and ourselves and live more fulfilling lives by creating means for inspired change."

Tina Saxena: Life Transformation Coach at Auraexpand Coaching

To empower ourselves to become better parents

"I have heard a lot of people say the 'parenting does not come with a manual'......or does it?

...With the course that [Coach Hall] is providing... he is not giving us a book, but a course and personal time via Zoom to help us to empower ourselves to become better parents. 

Donnie's course is a perfect supplement to all the other courses to specifically help you in parenting. It is changing our parenting style and our kids are becoming aware that something good is happening in our family. 

THANK YOU [Coach], you are impacting our lives for the good!"

-David Raats; Father and Husband

Thank you for Creating this course!

“For any parents in the group that have been thinking about joining the Parenting Coaching Initiative run by Coach Hall I urge you to stop thinking about it and sign up! Whilst we all try to be the best parent we can, as with everything in today’s hectic world, it is sometimes easy to lose our focus. Our children are unquestionably our most valuable asset, how much are we truly investing in them?  The course gives us the opportunity to learn to better understand and connect with our children as they develop and to find smarter and more effective ways of parenting.

For me the course couldn’t have come at a better time, suddenly becoming a single mum and struggling to readjust to the changing roles this brought me.  Now I have a clearer insight into my children’s personality styles and key motivators I feel I am able to better connect with them and be able to parent more effectively. I feel confident in taking on the additional responsibilities that becoming a single parent had brought me.

A huge thank you, [Coach], for all your hard work in creating this course.”

-Melanie Holmes: Single mother of two 


“Finally! A course that teaches me effective parenting at all levels. Previous "band aid" techniques don't address the underlying psychology as this course does.

-William Stephens, Self-made Millionaire and father of two one boy one girl


Let’s Learn Together


Let’s Learn Together

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