About Star Family Coaching

A Lively Life Changing Experience

Hi, I’m Donnie “Coach” Hall. The Star Family Coaching journey began Long before the name was realized and the company formalized.  Back in 1977, I was a local sports star in basketball had the job of coaching my younger brother's basketball team fall into his lap. My Brother’s Head Coach allowed me to demonstrate how to play the game to his team. In essence, I was his assistant. I mostly watched from the sidelines, but when something needed to be demonstrated or if he needed any help I stepped in. One day the news came that the head coach abruptly left town never to return. The team had no coach, so I stepped into the role. Since I was 16-years old, still a minor, the league rules required an adult be a head coach, the role was temporary. About three weeks later they found their replacement. But in the meantime, I got to be a head coach.

This shift in perspective changed my level of play from an Allstar level to MVP level. I looked at the world from many perspectives from that point forward. I honed that skill and it as I mastered it, I was able to use this ability to see problems and fix them before most others. In every job I had, I used this talent to make systems more efficient. My skills got noticed, and many doors of opportunity were opened to me as a result. To this day I have created over two dozen efficiency systems that have saved millions of dollars for a variety of companies. 

Now while I was having great success in my career and continued to volunteer as a sports coach whenever possible, during this time I got married and began a family. The success I was experiencing outside of family life wasn’t transferring entirely at home. As a father, I was a provider like my father was, and I thought I knew how to parent. The woman I was married to, felt as if she knew how to parent as well. Yet we had different viewpoints when it came to parenting. Back then I submitted to her. I would be the provider, and she would be the caretaker. The signals we sent to our children were mixed leaving them confused. They learned how permissive their mother was until she became upset and became a screaming authoritarian. They learned that I was uninvolved unless they needed something directly from me and they learned that I was assertive in my approach. So if they wanted something that I judged as inappropriate they would go to mommy to get it. 

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew changed the landscape of the land we live in and it changed the direction of my life. I went into survival mode that began working long hours to help us get out of the financial crisis that came from the major storm. Even after we had recovered I remained in the state. My family and I had grown apart. Everyone seemed happy. Everyone had what they needed and wanted. Except for me. I wasn’t taking care of my health. I hadn’t played basketball or coached during those four years. I only worked and trusted that everything else in the family was being handled properly by my “then” wife. And in 1996 a number of stressful events occurred back to back and one day after a call that made me realized my finances were much worse than I had believed I had my first panic attack. My life spiraled downward. I lost my job, I lost my car, I lost my home and eventually I lost my marriage. All the while I thought I was losing my mind. After spending years in therapy and taking pharmaceuticals to help with depression and panic, I discovered CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That was in 2000. Over the next few years I began seeing better and better results but I was still feeling poorly. I realized it was the medicine that was holding me back. In October 2004 I stopped taking prescription drugs and stuck to CBT. By February 2005 I was a new man. I meet a woman with two young children. We dated and then two more hurricanes Katrina and Wilma brought us together. I returned to coaching and continued CBT and studying other disciplines of the mind like NLP, Meditation, and Life Coaching. I had a new lease on life and in 2007 my girlfriend who I would marry in 2008 formed a company we called My Spot. My commitment to coaching began to grow and we put any proceeds made from coaching into My Spot. My wife would then use this money for charity. In 2010 I started to notice things about youth league sports that I hadn’t before. I started looking at research and uncovered a ton of information that wasn’t common knowledge. By 2013 I had created a new system of Sports coaching called Stars Developmental System that I implemented in my local community. The success was far better than I had anticipated. Parents wanted more and more. I began writing a book that later became the Magic, Illusion and Unbelievable Truth of Youth League Sports. My coaching began to expand beyond sports coaching and moved into family coaching. By 2016 the demand for parenting coaching exceeded my sports coaching and I wasn’t sure what or how to progress. So with some reexamination and a lot of help from mentors and friends. My Spot began to transition to Star Family Coaching. In 2017 we operated under this name yet we forgot to legally change the name. So late 2017 Early 2018 we made it official. 

As the founder of this company, I want to share my over quarter century of parenting experience along with my CBT, NLP, Life coaching and sports coaching experience that dates back to 1977. It’s been a unique journey. And along the way, I discovered that we, parents, do not receive the education, training, and support needed for our children to have an optimum childhood. We simply are not prepared for the most important job we will ever have. And as someone who has made a career out of fixing problems, this massive human error has become my purpose and mission in life. 

I want every parent to receive the skills, tips, help, training, and support they should have to become the best possible parent or what I like to call the Premium Optimal Parent.