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No Drama Parenting

A Crash Course in Stress Free Parenting

An Extensive Guide to Stress Free Parenting for Parents who Want to Radically Transform their Parent-Child Relationships. Regular $199.99
order here for only $9.99


How your family can heal, feel better & flourish!

What to do for you & your children to survive & thrive thru all phases of divorce. Begin Healing & Feeling Better today! 
Regular $199.99 order here for only $9.99

Youth Sports Coaching

Become the Coach everyone wants to Play for! Beginner level

Keep the kids playing with the best youth sports models in the world, the LTAD & SDS!
Regular $199.99 order here for only $9.99

Happy Life Certification

Formula for ongoing Fulfillment

Easy to remember recipe that will help you to have an Ongoing Fulfilled Happy Life
Regular $199.99 order here for only $9.99

NLP Supercharged 2.0

The COGNITION TOWER Introductory level

Get Faster & Better Results with this simple ALL in one Neuroscience Neuroplasticity Developmental Mind Model
Regular $199.99 order here for only $9.99

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