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What can we do as parents during this pandemic?

What can we do as parents during this pandemic? Answer....

Get the facts. Stay informed. Follow the recommendations of our medical experts from the CDC and comparable institutions around the world. Look at all sides of what is happening for clear perspective.

This last suggestion is something that we really need to keep in mind. Covid-19 is a deadly disease and it is spreading at a pace that is hard to comprehend. Many people are in denial and others in a state of panic. Times like this can feel very scary. This is why we need to see the full picture of this situation. So how can we see the full picture when data about the numbers of cases change by the hour and we have so much uncertainty in so many areas of dealing with this virus?

Start with the six phases of the human voyage and cycle through them. 1. Self : recognize the feelings and emotions this event is having on you. Accept your feelings. They are natural. Also accept your thoughts and means to exercise critical thinking skills including following the advise of experts that have experience in dealing with viruses. Speak with your parental partner and support system members. And make a sound decision on the actions you’ll take for yourself and your family. 2. Relationships : share information and remind one another that while a number of folks will be impacted 1000’s of times more people will not. With prudence and wise community behavior the odds of this virus impacting you is near impossible. Not sharing information and not following the professional guidelines puts you, and others that you are in physical contact with at greater risk. Yes you can get Covid-19 and Yes you can do things to make it impossible to get it. The difference between the two is in how you personally handle this situation. 3. Leadership: as parents we are the family leaders. We now can demonstrate to our children how to operate during a time of crisis. We can look at this time in the fullness of the event. Including recognizing that we can spend more quality time together. Parents can teach mindfulness to their children. Teach critical thinking skills. Life skills. Example during these days and weeks of “Stay at home” we can teach home economics skills, and Play. Yes play together. Turn off the smart phones and video games and play together. Below is an article loaded with ideas for games to play with your children. 4. Management Organizational skills : as parents this is handling the complexities of family dynamics. Having a list of things to do like teaching life skills and playing as a family can keep everyone’s minds occupied with task and family connection and off of the overload of negative and frightening highlights of the moment. Yes we need to check in for updates but we don’t need to become consumed by scary numbers and images turn off their constant feed and merely check in a few minutes a few times each day. 5. Creative/Development skills : as parents we prepare our children step by step for the day they will be self sustaining adults. Adult life will come with an assortment of circumstances. Allowing your child to demonstrate and ultimately get to the point that they are doing on their own the skills you teach them, is what this phase is all about. This is a time that can feel overwhelming which presents an opportunity for parents to show their child how to manage their feelings and use their creative minds to forge plans of action to deal with issues of life. Model development to your child. 6. Transition Skills: life as we know it has come to a fast halt or at least a major alteration. Big major radical change impacts us deeply. It can paralyze us. It can cause us to go into a fit of rage. It can cause us to put our heads in the sand. Knowing how you react to rapid massive change like a global pandemic or some other natural disaster helps you construct a response to future events. This is a good time to self examine and help others, particularly your children to become familiar with how they deal reactively to big transition.

This time is upon us. It is a test. It is a learning opportunity for us all. When the BIG event happens how do we respond? We have time to observe ourselves and those around us. Let’s learn from this moment. Let’s support each other. Beginning with emotions and feelings. What emotions are you feeling? What other feelings are new due to Covid-19? Accept your feelings and those of others. Remember we are emotional creatures and we need to process these feelings in ways that give us relief and cause no additional pain nor added harm to anyone or anything. Now we have extra time with family. Take advantage of this time to become educated and begin practicing becoming an optimal parent. Let’s all do our part to minimize the potential impact of this virus. Be loving, keep cool and be wise. 🖖🏼😎❤️

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