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The Parenting Journey

What do we know going on this journey? Are we prepared?

Do we know enough about the roles we must play? Do we know enough about how we will react to the experiences that will confront us? How will we react to our children when they don't do as we wish? What impact will our reactions have on our children? These are but a few of the many questions most parents will not explore before heading out into the unknown world of parenthood.

The little we do know came from where? And were the teachers of this wisdom experts? What were their credentials? Why do we trust they knew enough that we would trust that knowledge with the wellbeing of our child? Again questions...many questions. How many such questions did you have before your journey? More importantly how many answers did you find? And of those answers were they correct?

This blog is about being inquisitive. How inquisitive are we about parenting?

Where do we go to find answers? Where do we go to see correct answers?

Star Family Coaching looks at these and many other questions and searches for the correct answers. Once we have the answer, we share it with any opened mind that cares to look in our direction.

As a parent, you will be entering a long journey, one that lasts a minimum of 18 years per child. Sometimes its even longer. When we go on long journeys, we pack up well, and we bring everything we will need to last the voyage. Shouldn't we be better prepared for the journey of parenting?

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